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Hello! Thank you so much for visiting the say it blog. My name is Laura Pyke and I live in the East Riding of Yorkshire. I set up my handmade card and gift business in 2011 after making paper products for myself and friends for many years. I know that communication has changed so much in the last few years as technology has developed, but I still believe that paper is important. I developed my business say it because I want to encourage people to say what they want to say by sending a card or gift. Not that emails and tweets aren't good too, but I find it so exciting to get post through my letter box. 

Hopefully this blog will encourage you to say what you want to say. As well as showing you the latest products added to the say it shop I like to feature a range of handmade items made in the UK, all of which would make lovely gifts. Why not send someone a card or gift with a thoughtful message from you and make their day! 

I also share my story of turning my hobby into a little business. Each step I take along my journey involves learning something new, from keeping accounts to building a website. And as I go I like to pass on my top tips in the hope that I can help others who are also trying to build a small handmade business. 

Please join in and leave comments beneath any posts you read. It's great to know that I'm not just talking to myself!


  1. Hey Laura, I just saw your Handmade Christmas post through Handmade Monday and have now spotted that you're from East Yorkshire. I lived in Hull for over 5 years before moving down to London. I hope you're enjoying turning your hobby into a business and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your blog :)

    1. Nice to hear from someone who knows Hull! I live in Willerby, so only a few miles out of Hull. I bet living in London's a bit different to up here!


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