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Monday, 29 September 2014

Say it turns three!

I cannot believe another year has whizzed by for my little stationery shop. Three years ago I made some greetings cards and popped them on Folksy to see if I could make a few extra pennies. 180 designs later and here I am sending personalised handmade notebooks round the world! Thank you so much to all my wonderful customers for allowing me to have the best job I could possibly imagine.

Happy birthday say it! To celebrate, all orders this week will receive a little extra gift from me. If you'd like to join in the celebrations simply place your order before midnight on Sunday 5 October. You can shop from any of the say it online stores - on Folksy, Etsy or Giggling Hedgehogs.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Top stationery trends: Typography

So far in my top stationery trends for 2014 I've shared my favourite chevron designs and brightly coloured cards, notebooks and paper accessories. Another trend this year has been typography. Everywhere you look there are wonderful fonts all mixed together in different sizes and colours. I love the way you can make something visually interesting using only words.

Here are some of my favourite typography stationery items. I could easily own them all.

1. Best things in life card from CecilyMae Handmade
2. Winter things greetings cards from Lola Hoad Design
3. Decorative metal magnets from Tillemint Loves
6. Alphabet washi tape from The Crafterie

Friday, 12 September 2014

Family tree notebook

Researching your family history is becoming quite popular and finding out about your ancestors can be fascinating. If you're beginning to research your family tree you might like one of my new notebooks. The perfect place to gather together all your family research and make notes on your ancient relatives.

Family tree notebook

The family tree notebook has a personalised cover with one or two names and a matching silhouette, either male or female. So you could have 'Stephen's family tree' or 'Jane and Ben's family tree' or 'The Clark's family tree', making it a really special and personal notebook.

Personalised family tree notebook

If you've ever tried writing out your family tree and kept wishing you could have a bigger piece of paper you'll appreciate the giant fold out page in the centre of the notebook. Unfolding like a map, the centre page opens out to an enormous 8 times the size of the notebook. So there is plenty of space for all your great great great aunts and second cousins twice removed!

Family tree notebook with fold out centre page

If you would like a family tree notebook pop over to my Folksy shop where they are available for £14 plus p+p. It would make a unique gift for all budding genealogists. 

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