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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Five of my favourite online papercraft shops

Last month I shared with you five of my favourite blogs to read in my new mini-series of posts, and this month I thought I'd share my top online papercraft shops. There really aren't many craft shops in Hull at all, apart from Hobbycraft, so I buy most of my crafty stuff online. It's quite hard sourcing decent craft materials, so once I've found somewhere I like I tend to stick with them. Do check out these wonderful craft shops that sell supplies for papercrafts.

1. My favourite shop for coloured card is Papermill Direct, a paper mill based in the Lake District. Definitely the best I've found for both quality and price (A4 sheets of card work out at only 8p each!).

2. If you're looking for unusual craft paper I can't recommend The Exotic Paper Company highly enough. Their beautiful recycled papers come in all sorts of varieties, including paper made from rhino poo, bank notes and wildflower seeds. All made in their mill in Hemel Hempstead.

3. Payper Box is the best place to buy double sided tape, as well as paper, card and other craft essentials.

4. For luxury papers with all kinds of amazing textures and finishes I love Inspire Me Papers. They source their wonderful paper collections from all around the world.

5. Fred Aldous have a great selection of craft materials for pretty much any craft on your bucket list (plus a ton you've never even thought of!). Their papercraft section contains a good selection of accessories and kits as well as some lovely handmade papers.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Handmade favourites - 8 of the best travel journals

Since my travel journals are one of my best sellers, I thought I'd find 8 of my favourite travel journals for this month's handmade favourites collection. If you're off on your holidays this summer why not record your adventures in one of these super journals, all handmade in the UK.
Explorer's notebook by Coulson Macleod
Personalised travel journal by Grace and Favour Home
Bear spotters A6 notebook by Hole in my Pocket

Monday, 16 June 2014

Open for business

I'm back from a wonderful week off and my shop is open again. I do love running my little business but my fingers really did need a rest from making so many wedding cards and travel journals. I haven't used any double sided tape for 10 whole days!

As promised I did make myself tidy up my craft room. You can now see nearly all of the floor (just a little bit more sorting needed!) and the desk is nice and clear. I hate tidying, but boy do I feel better starting work this morning in an organised space rather than stressing about the chaos around me! We'll see how long it lasts once the orders start pouring in though...

I didn't have time to make as many cushions as I was hoping but I did finish one. It's looking a little bit lonely sat on our sofa all by itself so I really hope I get chance to make the others soon. I'm really not a sewer so I'm pretty pleased with my attempts. Not quite ready for the Great British Sewing Bee yet (especially given how long it took to make!) but I enjoyed spending time being creative in a different way.

Back to making with paper again today!

If you'd like to see what other creative peeps have been up to this week pop over to the Handmade Monday link up.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

I'm having a week off :-)

Gosh what a busy couple of weeks making up orders! Thank you so much to all my lovely customers. There are going to be lots of happy couples receiving handmade cards on their big day!

Just a quick post to let you know that my shops are now closed for a week whilst I have some much needed time off. I'm going away to the Yorkshire Dales for three days then have some time at home. I'm going to have a big tidy up of my craft room (I hate tidying, but you should see the state of it. And if I tell you I'm going to do it I really will have to stop putting it off!) and I've got some crafty projects planned too. I'm not the world's best sewer (give me paper over fabric any day!) but I've treated myself to some rather snazzy fabrics and I'm going to attempt to make some cushions to brighten up our lounge. I'll let you know how it goes. 

If you're looking to buy something from my shop please pop back on Friday 13 June when it will be open again and I'll be ready to get making your order.
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