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Monday, 12 October 2015

I'm back... but not for long

Well that ended up being a much longer break than I anticipated... Sometimes life is more important than work. Sadly when it's just me running the shop that means it has to close when I'm not around, so I'm sorry if you were looking to buy something and couldn't.

The good news is that the shop is open again. However, it's not going to stay open for very long, so if you want a personalised birthday card or some of the new map stickers it's best to buy them right away.

I'll be back soon with more news about the future of say it and last order dates for the year (likely to be mid November). In the meantime, I'm afraid you won't find many blog posts from me. As I have less work time available I've decided to concentrate on making up orders, so you'll find that my blog, facebook page and twitter are rather quiet. I'm a little sad that means no Christmas gift guides this year as I love putting those together but sometimes it's important to prioritise.
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