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Friday, 22 June 2012

Folksy Friday Giraffes

It's been a while since I've done a Folksy Friday and I've missed browsing Folksy looking for items that catch my eye. But it's ok, because this week I have had fun looking for giraffes! I don't know why, but giraffes always make me smile. And I've found some real cuties to show you...

As always, just click on a picture to find out more about the item. Everything is handmade and available to buy on Folksy.

Giraffe get well soon card
Rosie's Illustrations
5 scoops high print
Lisa Hunt Illustration Doodle Shop
Little Giraffe
The Hunny Bunny Company
Felt padded giraffe
Handmade by Sally
Giraffes hand drawn picture
Giraffe lino cut print
October Kiss
Baby giraffes pencil case
Handmade by Edwina
Too tall giraffe canvas
Original Art by Clare
G is for Giraffe
Cloth Kat
Giraffe painting
Winter Smoke
Giraffe amigurumi pattern
Claire Sibley
Dreamy giraffe amigurumi pattern
Quirky Crochet Critters
Giraffe baby bodysuit
Zara Emily
Hello! Giraffe bib


  1. Ooo! Giraffes! They always seem such dignified creatures with their long necks! What a lovely selection! Thanks for including my pencil case.

  2. Aww, so sweet! Great theme and love the amigurumi patterns especially :)

    Leanne x x

  3. So cute!

    Have nominated you for a Versatile Blog award. Bit of a fun blog hop, I think :o)

    1. Wow, thank you very much. It's always encouraging to find that people actually like to read my blog! Off to have a look at what the Versatile Blog Award is....

  4. My little boy would love this selection as he really likes giraffes. Some really cute things.


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