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Friday, 8 March 2013

Folksy Friday - Bunnies

Since it's Easter at the end of this month and spring seems to be springing I've chosen bunnies for this week's Folksy Friday. If you'd like to offer a home to any of these cuties the links below take you through to the Folksy shops for these very talented makers.

Rabbit brooch by Buttercup Boutique
White wool Easter bunny by Loopy La La
Easter bunny rabbit decoration by Hattifer's Hand Sewn Gifts
Pure wool felt bunny brooch by Ericka Eckles
Soft knitted bunny by The Hunny Bunny Company
Rabbit egg cosy by Merry Berry and the Little Panda
Rabbit PDF pattern by Patchlins


  1. Very cute collection. Easter is scarily close.


  2. Lovely bunnies... thanks for choosing my little bunny!

  3. They look gorgeous and I am thrilled that you included mine (@hattifers's hand sewn gifts) Thank you Debby x

  4. Thanks for popping over to have a look.


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