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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Behind the scenes - April

I'm quite enjoying writing these behind the scenes posts each month. It's really helpful for me to look back and see what I've been up to and how much I've achieved. I hope you enjoy them too!

April has been a short working month for me because I took some time off over Easter. Some was planned holiday time and some was because I wasn't feeling too well. So I kept the shop shut a little longer than planned but I think the extra rest did me good.

I've been making quite a few of these new honeymoon journals that I added to my shop last month. I can never quite predict which items will be really popular but these journals seem to have gone down well so far with customers. So I've stocked up on some more atlases ready to cut out lots of hearts for the front covers.

There's a new range of cards in the shop, including a birthday card, new baby card and a set of thank you cards. You can see pictures below. I had fun designing these and choosing the colour combos - though if you're not sure about my choices you can pick your own colours!

April is the month for doing a stock take and completing my accounts for the end of the tax year. Thankfully it's all pretty straightforward. My husband is an accountant so he sorts out all the numbers and I just count things like envelopes and sheets of card to work out how much stock I have left. It's all quite boring until he does his calculations and tells me how much profit I've made for the year. I love that number as it shows me in real terms that I actually have a successful business that is making money!

I also ordered a massive stack of card from Papermill Direct (it's all made in a mill in the Lake District), updated my newsletter sign up so it's a little more friendly and tidied up my craft room (turns out I do have a floor!).

Here's the month in pictures:

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