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Friday, 10 February 2012

Folksy Friday: Games

I love playing games. Anything with a pack of cards is great. And monopoly is good. And settlers of catan is awesome. And at the moment my husband and I are hooked on boggle. In fact, we need a rematch because he won last time and I haven't had chance to redeem myself.

Anyway, I thought games would make a good theme for a folksy friday post. So here are some lovely game related handmade items available to buy on folksy. Just click the pictures to find out more.

Travel backgammon
Travelling Stitches
Minature chess - leaves

Cribbage box set
Norfolk Woodcrafts
Playing card pips
Hearts of Dough

Playing cards greetings cards
Dilys Treacle Treasures
Monopoly organiser notebook
Peony and Thistle

Monopoly hat upcycled pendant
SP Jewellery
Monopoly money coasters

Happy birthday scrabble card
Card Couture
Roll the dice black bangle
Tami Rocks


  1. great choices some new shops I've not seen before

  2. Hehe what a nice theme! I used to play cards with my Nan a lot, so love the greetings cards. The monopoly money coasters are cool too - so clever!

    Leanne x x

  3. Good choices! Liking the monopoly notebook xx

  4. So very different as a theme and what great finds. They all look wonderful.


  5. These are great! Love the Monopoly notebook and coasters:)


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