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Monday, 27 February 2012


Recently I've been getting into making packs of notecards. I like the way they can be a bit simpler than the individual cards for special occasions. I'm doing a craft fair soon, so I'm trying to get a few more designs ready, so that there is a good selection of notecards. Just thought I'd show you what I've got so far.

Pack of 2 (same design)
Mini cards pack of 4

Pack of 2 (two designs)
Pack of 2 (same design)

Praia (design one)
Pack of two different designs
Praia (design two)
Pack of two different designs

A quick question - would you prefer to buy notecards as packs of 2 or packs of 4? At the moment I sell them in packs of 2 (apart from the mini ones) - but would packs of 4 be better? Thanks!

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