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Monday, 23 July 2012

A necklace for me!

It's not often these days that I get chance to make something for myself. Back in the days before I ran a craft business, I used to make loads of jewellery for myself. I loved the fact that I could design exactly what I wanted, choose the beads, and make it up just how I liked it. But since making jewellery to sell I've just not had the time for much crafting for pleasure. (If you turn a hobby into a business, it seems to cease being a hobby...).

Anyway, I was away last week and whilst I took some work with me the nature of being away from my desk/crafting space meant that I couldn't just carry on as normal. So I had some free time (quite a treat) and I finally got round to making myself a necklace with some beads a friend bought me last year. I've known what I wanted to do with the beads for ages, and was so excited to get the time to make them up into a necklace.

What do you think? I'm really pleased with how the spiral chain turned out. It's a peyote stitch (just in case there are any interested beaders reading this!) but adding two beads rather than one on the second row. I love wearing things I've made. I shall be wearing this often (but not today as I am wearing green and it just wouldn't go!).

I've linked this post into handmade monday. Why not hop over there and find out what other creative peeps have been making this week.


  1. I've just popped over from HM but I also seen your post on the blog thread on the Folksy Forum. I don't often get the chance to make something just for me, sometimes I get to keep a 'prototype' but it usually has a flaw or needs a bit of tweeking. I don't do this level of beading, it looks really pretty.

    Jan x

  2. It looks really pretty. You have used just the colours I am drawn to... I bet you get a lot of comments when you wear it. Enjoy it!

  3. Beautiful and so nice that you actually treated yourself!

  4. Thanks for stopping by. I'm wearing the necklace today, feeling very happy about it!

  5. Ii find it difficult to make things for myself too

  6. I very rarely make anything for myself but how nice to do so. Your necklace is really pretty and so stylish

  7. Very very late getting round to everyones blogs this week. Your necklace is fab and so nice that you had time to make this particular piece for yourself. Hugs Mrs A.

  8. Wow - it's just gorgeous. Stunning.


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