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Monday, 6 August 2012


I'm trying to show you something I've made at least once a week. I love doing folksy fridays, the mini interviews and sharing things I've been learning, but I realised I was lacking a bit in actually showing you crafty things. So here, for the third week in a row, I've got something that I've made.


These are a little bit different for me, I usually like making things that involve lots of double sided tape and ribbon. The postcards involved lots of hours sat at the computer.

I designed them back in September. In fact, I designed loads and got people to vote on which they liked best. The top designs were then professionally printed onto postcards. 

The design above was voted the favourite. I also did a green version which was popular too.

So why am I showing you something I made back in September? I initially put them in the say it shop in packs of four, either four the same or four assorted. Then I took them out of the shop for a while. 

But now they're back! And they're available individually. So you can buy just one, or as many as you like. They're £1.20 each - see them in the say it shop

Thanks for taking a look :-) 

I'm linking this post to Handmade Monday again. Why not pop over and see what other people have been busy making this week? 


  1. They are lovely - and it's nice to be reminded of something you made a while ago. Who does your printing? I've always thought I should have some designs printed but I'm not sure where to start (and the computer stuff confuses me, to be honest!)

    1. Hi Wendy, thanks for your comment. These were printed by Very good service and excellent quality. If you order a sample pack first they usually send a discount code for your first order!

  2. they are lovely - especially the 'Hello' one, very striking colours. Hope you have a good week.

  3. i think its good to go back to old designs, and these are very nice :)

  4. these are fab :)

    the greetings one is my fav too! x

  5. I like these! My favourite would be the one with the grey background and orange circles. It looks a bit holographic :)

  6. I think your postcards are great, you must have put a lot of work into the designs. I like the orange and blue swirly design :0)

  7. Thanks for all your lovely comments. I got quite a lot of these postcards printed so I'm hoping lots of people like them enough to buy!

  8. I like these as they are very individual! I especially like the orange and red circle one. I hope they sell well :)

  9. Those are really pretty! I like to make cards, altho since I got my Mac I have not spent any time working with the software I have now.


Thanks for your comments, I always love reading them.

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