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Monday, 3 September 2012

New personalised notebooks

I am very excited about my new notebooks.

The say it shop originally focused on cards, but the map notebooks became very popular so I decided to try a few other notebook designs. I also sell a lot more of the personalised items than things that are ready made - it seems that people like to buy handmade because they can get the extra special touches that make the item just perfect for them. So, combining these two selling points, I designed the latest new addition to the say it shop: personalised notebooks.

It took me a little while to perfect the making of these books and I have quite a few samples that my husband is keen to get his hands on! They are totally handmade, starting with a piece of coloured card and some plain white recycled paper. I cut all the pages to size, fold, staple, trim and round the corners. Then I stamp a name onto the front in my snazzy new letter stamps.

Having added these two colour ways into the say it shop I realised I was being name-ist! I could only fit a name up to five letters long across the width of the notebook. I was excluding people with longer names. Larger notebooks was my first thought. Perhaps A5 size. But then, what if people with a name longer than five letters wanted a pocket sized notebook?

This was the solution I came up with, and in fact I think I like it even better than the original notebooks. I love this landscape version, and you can fit a name up to nine letters long. Perfect. (Well, almost. I'm very sorry to people called Francessa or Christopher, I don't mean to exclude you!).

If you'd like to get one of these new personalised notebooks for yourself or someone you know - a little stocking filler perhaps? - head over to the say it shop.

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  1. A lovely idea. Looks really nice on the blue background.

  2. They're gorgeous - would make brilliant stocking fillers for Xmas

  3. I love stationery of any type and am addicted to note books, to fill with crafting things

  4. I like the white on blue - very striking!

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments. It's encouraging to know others like them too :-)

  6. I'm another stationery addict and these are lovely little notebooks :)


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