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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Christmas gift tags

Some of the very organised among us have nearly finished their Christmas shopping. I even have one friend who has all her presents wrapped! Though most of us are a few weeks behind the super-prepared, we will need to get round to shopping and wrapping at some point. And when that happens, we will need to label our presents so we know who to give them to and they know who they are from.

There was one Christmas I can remember where we all had to swap presents amongst ourselves and try and guess who should have which one as all the labels had fallen off. They are an important addition to a present!

You could put a boring white sticky label on. Or one of those slightly more festive decorated ones. But if you want your presents to stand out from the pile under the tree you'll need a good quality gift tag. Why not consider buying handmade tags this year and supporting small businesses. See my range of gift tags here, or browse Folksy for lots of lovely handmade wrapping and tags.

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