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Monday, 25 November 2013

Where to buy handmade Christmas gifts

There are lots of good reasons to buy handmade gifts this Christmas, and I could go on about supporting independent artists etc., but the main reason I like to buy handmade gifts is that you can buy something really unusual and often personalised to the recipient. You've probably heard of Etsy and Folksy and possibly Not on the High Street, but where else can you look to find top quality handcrafted presents this Christmas?

Here's my guide to the top online shops selling handmade Christmas gifts from a range of designers. Know of any others? Please pop a link in the comments so we can all take a look. Discover the perfect handmade Christmas gift.

I'm also linking this post up with Handmade Monday, who are a lovely bunch of very talented designer-makers. So why not pop over to Handmade Monday as well and browse their lovely blogs and shops in search of the perfect Christmas presents.


  1. Hey, just discovered your blog from Handmade Monday. This year I am trying to have all my gifts handmade either by myself or someone crafty I know. Alternatively I am trying to use the money I would've spent on a gift to do some kind of experience eg I am taking my brothers to the panto.

    Swoop is kinda like an Irish version of Etsy although I've not used it much so not 100% sure. I have also ordered some jewellery off the Facebook page below which can be customised as you like.

    1. Hi Tracey. It's a great idea to aim for all handmade gifts for Christmas. I think they are so much more special - and even better if you've made them yourself.
      Thanks for the links. I've not heard of swoop so off to have a browse now.


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