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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Customised products

I get quite a few people contacting me before they place an order in my shop to ask if I can customise a particular product. Lots of customers ask the same questions or want the same customisations, so I thought I'd share with you a few of the things they ask for. I love making up bespoke orders that are just perfect for the recipient so please get in touch if you'd like any of these alterations or surprise me by asking for something new! Nearly all the products in my shop can be customised to suit you.

1. Can I get lined paper in my notebook?
Absolutely! Due to the way the notebooks are made the paper will have lines but no margins. It's the same paper as in the standard notebook, I just add the lines.

2. Can I add pockets to my notebook?
Yes. I can add flat pockets for tucking things in or envelope pockets that will hold a bit more. These cost extra, so let me know what you would like and I'll give you a quote.

3. Does it come in another colour?
It depends what it is! I make everything from scratch, so pretty much always the answer is yes but it depends what the product is and what colour you'd like. I love changing up the colours on my designs, and sometimes customers come up with the best combinations. My two most popular colour swaps are changing the spine colour on the travel journals and making up wedding cards to match the colour scheme of the big day.

4. Can I get a different country on the travel journal?
Probably. The vintage style travel journal works best for countries that have coastline, but I can make them up with any area as small or as large as you would like. The artistic map travel journals need a number of different areas to get coloured in - usually countries but I can also do administrative areas within a country. Just remember that it's a portrait journal so that will be the shape of map that you get.


5. Does it come in a different size?
Pretty much everything can be made smaller, but larger is a bit more tricky. The smaller notebooks can be scaled up to A5 size, but I can't make them any larger than A5 at the moment. Bear in mind that if you want something bigger it will probably cost a little more.

6. Can I add a name to a card?
As long as it will fit on, yes! I'm happy to personalise any of my cards, or to change the text. So if you like a birthday card but want to change it into a father's day card that's fine, just ask and I'll let you know what's possible.

Seen something in my shop that you like but want it making a little bit different? Please get in touch, let me know what you'd like and we can work together to create a customised product just for you.

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