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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Unusual notebooks

I've been experimenting with notebook design, challenging some of the fundamentals of the standard notebook. I thought it would be interesting to make a range of creative notebooks that are a little bit more fun than your average 80 plain white rectangular pages. Here are the questions I asked and the unusual notebooks I came up with.

1. Do all the pages have to be the same size, shape and colour?
I've seen quite a few notebooks with rainbow pages, or adding in other types of paper such as graph paper, but what if you varied the size and shape of the pages too? I call this the 'brown paper packages tied up with string' notebook as the cover hints that something more exciting might lie inside. Throughout the notebook are little colourful pages and even a couple of pockets - great for those who like art journaling or scrapbooking and want something more than creative than a regular blank page. And it's personalised, what more could you want?!

2. Does it just have to be bound in one place?
What if you could create more than one notebook within a notebook? For the people who have a notebook for everything but would rather they were in the same place, I experimented with creating a notebook with distinct sections. Tabs and dividers are great, but this keeps your notebook content even more separate. There are four notebooks in one, each a different size and colour.

3. How many pockets does a notebook need?
What about the people out there who like to use notebooks for keeping stuff in, rather than simply for writing in? Organiser-style notebooks never seem to have quite enough pockets for all the receipts, lists, notes and bits and bobs you might want to keep. So how many pockets can you fit in one notebook? There are 15 different places to tuck, clip and keep safe the things you want to save in this notebook.

All three of these special notebooks are now available to buy in my shop. The top one is £12 and the other two are £15 each plus postage. Click on the pictures above to see more details or pop one in your basket. Which one of these unusual notebooks is your favourite?

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