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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

New notebook packaging

Packaging can really make a good product. I like to keep mine pretty simple, but I know that it is really important to get right. I had been thinking about how to improve my notebook packaging for a while, then I won a giveaway by Claireabelle Makes and bagged myself 100 business cards from Myprint247. I already had plenty of business cards so I decided to be more creative and use my prize to update the packaging for my handmade notebooks.

I wanted to use a long thin label, so designed my business cards to be cut in two across the middle. So each business cards makes two notebook labels. I kept the text very generic, so that they are suitable for all the different notebooks I make.

After cutting each business card in two I punched a hole on each end so that they could be tied round a notebook. I decided to use a bright orange ribbon to match my branding.

What do you think? I love it, and it's just that little bit different and more creative than a simple paper band that I had before.

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