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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Craft Fair

I've never had a stall at a craft fair before. I like the safety of selling online, hidden behind my computer screen. I like the excitement of logging on and finding I have a sale. But I've been tempted out of my craft-study-guest-laundry room and I'm venturing over to Wakefield for my first ever craft fair!

I've been busy making away so I will hopefully have plenty of stock. And I've made little labels for everything to display prices etc. And I've turned my old noticeboard into a display board for my jewellery. So I think I'm all ready (and a little excited!).

If you're in the Yorkshire area, please do come along and say hello. It's at the Outwood Memorial Hall in Wakefield, this Saturday 10am - 4pm. Click the picture below to find out more.


  1. Good luck with your first fair. It can be a bit unnerving at first but you soon settle into it, especially when you hear people saying nice thing about your goods. Hope you manage to sell a lot.


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