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Monday, 19 March 2012

Handmade Monday

Firstly, a big welcome to any Handmade Monday readers - thank you very much for stopping by my blog.

So, what's 'Handmade Monday' you might be wondering? Well, I came across a lovely blog last week run by Wendy from 1st Unique Gifts. She's set up a weekly link swap, especially for bloggers who write about/make handmade items. The idea is that you leave a link to your blog on the Handmade Monday post, and it builds up a wonderful collection of new blogs to browse.

And it's Monday again, so I thought I'd let you know about this super opportunity. If you're looking for some new blogs with interesting content pop over to Handmade Monday. Today you can read about handmade notebooks, crocheted Easter chicks, rainbow mice, a tutorial for making a shopping bag, extreme crochet and themed handbags. And you could always leave a link back to your own blog if you'd like a few new visitors (they just ask that you put a link back to Handmade Monday on your own blog, only polite!).


  1. Thank you for the lovely little HM plug! x

  2. Hi - you have some lovely things in your folksy shop! Nice to see you on HM Mich :)

  3. Welcome to Handmade Monday - warning, it's addictive!! X

  4. Just had a look at your folksy shop. A lot of pretty items! Oh and yes butterflyblossom is right - it is addictive!

  5. Welcome to Handmade Monday, hope to see you again next week

  6. Hello to my new readers. Thank you very much for your lovely comments :-)

  7. A late visitor from Handmade Monday! A big hello and I'm looking forward to reading your blog.
    Jo x


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