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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Craft Fair

I was at a craft fair in Wakefield on Saturday. My first one ever! Here's the say it stall all set up and looking lovely:

What do you think? I was pretty pleased for a first attempt, since I don't have any proper display stands.

There were some really excellent stalls with lovely items made by some very skilled makers. Sadly though, customers were in rather short supply. I'm not sure where everyone in Wakefield went on Saturday, but they certainly weren't at the craft fair! There must have only been around 20 people come in the whole day. We did our best, buying and selling to each other. I sold a couple of cards to the lady who was serving the refreshments! At least I know that the reason I didn't sell much wasn't because people didn't like the things I had made. Bit of a flop though really. Back to selling online now...

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  1. Yur stall looks great. Shame about the lack of customers. I've been to one of those craft fairs before!


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