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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I won!

I'm very excited to have won a giveaway by Handmade by Edwina. She was celebrating six months of selling through Folksy, and as hers is a shop I've admired for a while now I was keen to enter. I can't believe I've won :-)

A gorgeous package arrived in the post this morning, all beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon. I should have paused to take a photo, but I was too excited and just dived in! Inside I found a wonderful pink and purple patchwork cosmetics purse - which is just the perfect size for keeping my on-the-go beading projects in, so the slightly too small pencil case with the awkward opening has just been replaced!!

And that's not all, inside the purse there was some gorgeous vintage lace. Lace isn't something I've used very much. I've made the odd card with a bit on, but this is really pretty so I'm inspired to think of something special to make with it.

Can I encourage you to take a look at Edwina's shop? She has some wonderful handmade items, and the quality of the purse is fantastic so I can definitely recommend her. I particularly like:



  1. WOW! If you could see me both my cheeks have gone red! What a lovely post! Thank you so much for showing items from my shop too. It is so kind. I am so glad you will be able to use the purse. I had an idea about the lace - could you use it as a prop in your photos of your jewellery? Thanks so much. I really enjoyed the giveaway and this post has put the icing on the cake! Edwina

    1. That's a fab idea. It would mean I could make use of the lace, but also keep it!

  2. Congratulations on your win! Lovely purse, I wanted it for myself! Enjoy it! And yes, all Edwina's handbags and purses are beautiful!


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