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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

This year I'd like to...

I love thinking about what I'd like to try or learn in the coming year. Last year I chose four new crafts, and managed three and a half.

I enjoyed adding buttons into my jewellery making.

I absolutely loved needle felting and will certainly be doing more this year. So far I've kept it as a hobby, but this year I have some plans to incorporate it into a new range for my shop.

My attempts at polymer clay bead making didn't go so well and I have huge respect for the makers who have mastered this craft. But I did discover that you can make some great card toppers from fimo. I've got some new cutters to try out soon, so look out for a few new designs.

The new craft that I half tried was book binding. I've learnt quite a lot and perfected the technique for making notebooks with a ribbon spine. But this is definitely a craft to carry over into this year. My notebooks were my most popular products last year, so I shall be expanding my skills and bringing some new styles to the shop.

I'd also like to learn more about colour. I found a great introductory game to colour from Method of Action which really opened my eyes. I previously had never thought about how colours were formed or related to one another. This is something I'd like to discover more about and hopefully use to improve my designs.

A must on my to do list this year is improving my product photos. I'm pretty pleased with some of my new style images on white backgrounds, but I still have a long way to go before I'm happy with the overall look of the photos in my shop. Santa very kindly brought me a new camera for Christmas, so there's nothing stopping me now!

And finally, I'd like to have a go at stamping/printing my own images. So many stamps are copyrighted and have restricted use, and I'm not massively keen on using other people's designs because I want my products to be truly mine. I'll let you know how I get on!


  1. Love the idea of creating your own stamps. Will look out for how you get on with that. Book binding is something I would like to try when time permits but we shall see.

    1. I've seen some tutorials for creating your own stamps but I'm not massively artistic so we'll see how it goes! Thanks for leaving a comment :-)


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