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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A slow but good start to the year

I had high hopes for the start of 2014 and came at it full of energy after a refreshing Christmas break. But why does everything take 10 times longer than you think it will?! My goals for January are progressing slowly though.

Since January is a quieter month for sales it's a great time to concentrate on the other things that need to get done but always get put off as they aren't quite as important as making up orders for customers. I'm pleased to say that I have completed my tax return (two whole weeks before the deadline - feeling smug!) and got up to date with my admin. So I now have a stock spreadsheet that actually reflects what I have in stock.

The main task for January and February is to design some new products for my shop. It looks a little dull after I take out all the Christmas products and I feel the new year needs some new designs. Birthday cards sell very well so they are top of my list for cards, followed by some new wedding cards for the spring. And I'll be making sure there are some personalised options as it makes the cards extra special. I was hoping to have a few made by now but it's still on my to-do list... I have managed one new product though. My best seller by far is my personalised travel journal, so I thought it would be good to offer another one in a different style. Here's a sneak peek of what it's going to look like:

I've also spent some time freshening up my monthly email newsletter. It's looking pretty smart now and the January email should be hitting inboxes by the end of the week. Are you on my mailing list? No? Sign up below to be the first to hear about new products and get an exclusive special offer each month. And you'll have chance to pre-order the new travel journal at a special price before it's added to the shop.

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