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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Handmade birthday cards

This month I've been making some new birthday card designs. It's hard sometimes to find time to sit down and work on new designs when I have lots of orders that need posting asap. But it really is my favourite part of my job. I have so many ideas in my head and I love trying them out and making something new.

I got a fantastic new silver ink pen from stamping up that gives the most wonderful shiny finish. You're meant to be able to stamp with it, but it didn't give a strong enough print so I tried stenciling and I think it looks fab on this new card.

Cards with ages on seem popular so I've added another one to the shop. This is made using my silhouette portrait electronic cutting machine. I think the purple pearlised card is my absolute favourite at the moment!

And a new range of birthday cards made from maps and a vintage dictionary print. I'm planning on adding a few more different shapes too, so check the shop soon for more designs.

All these handmade birthday cards are available to order from the say it Folksy shop


  1. Wow you cards are superb. Simple yet very captivating . thanks for the inspiration :)


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