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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Year, New Craft

I'm not one for making new year's resolutions, but I have decided on the new crafts I'd like to have a go at next year. Each one is accompanied by a picture of a handmade item for sale in another shop on folksy - do click on these to head over to the folksy shops of some sellers who have already mastered these crafts.

Felted wool brooch
That Fuzzy Feeling

Inspired by some of the lovely products I've seen on Folksy, I'd like to try needle felting. All I know is it's something to do with jabbing at wool lots of times with needles. Sounds fun ! Maybe I'd best get an instruction book to help me...

Embroidered rose handbound notebook
Kate Bowles

Secondly, I want to give the notebooks another go. I made a few this year, but I want to try out some different techniques and perhaps even a spot of proper book binding.

Button Necklace
Make it Sew

I'm also keen to have a go at button jewellery. Not really a new craft as such, just extending the beaded jewellery with some new materials. In fact, I've already ordered myself some gorgeous buttons, so look out for some new designs coming soon !

Fimo pendant
Pyroangel's Jewellery Box

And finally, I want to get back to my childhood days and buy myself some fimo modelling clay. I've heard that you can make your own beads and embellishments for cards. I don't like depending on things that have been made by others, especially the pretty beads I use in my jewellery, so it would be great to make some myself. And I have a few ideas for cards too.

So, watch this space. I shall let you know how I get on.

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  1. all lovely ideas! have fun making them!

    Claire B


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