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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Folksy Five #14

It's time to show you five more of my favourite Folksy shops. This week I've chosen five supplies shops. I've not featured any supplies shops before as I like to focus on handmade items. But every handmade item needs materials, and these shops have such gorgeous items. It's time for a good browse through the buttons, beads, paper, fabric and yarn that these wonderful shops have to offer - just click on the shop banners.

And they've all had a look through my Folksy shop, and have chosen the following items as their favourites:

Rhodes map notebook chosen by Very Berry Fabrics
Venice wedding card chosen by Abstract Cat Crafts
Phoenix mini notecards chosen by Fairy Supplies
Sarajevo postcard chosen
by More Stash Please
Chlef music birthday card chosen
by The Little Bead Box


  1. What lovely supplies, all very tempting! Thanks so much for including ours!


    1. They are super shops - including yours! Thanks for taking part :-)


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